Workforce Team


Douglas County has a workforce team that is well-integrated and has a history of close cooperation. They can offer local businesses: wage assistance during training periods (On the Job Training or “OJT”s), customized training, job posting and recruitment services.

The key players, in addition to The Partnership, are local representatives of the Oregon Employment Department (OED), Umpqua Training & Employment (UT&E, our local WIOA service provider) and Umpqua Community College (UCC). 

A few examples of how these providers, in cooperation with other state local agencies, have supported regional businesses with workforce development include:


Alcan Cable –Local partners UCC & UT&E met with Alcan personnel to determine training & recruitment timelines. UT&E personnel traveled to Sedalia, Missouri to assess Alcan workers for mechanical aptitude, math & reading levels.  UT&E used the information to develop employer based on-the-job training for their workforce.  UT&E continued to assist Alcan personnel with recruitment & training throughout their time in Douglas County.UCC used UT&E’s testing data to develop classroom training opportunities for job seekers.  The goal was to skill-up potential candidates to meet Alcan’s baseline standards.  Applicants selected for employment entered specialized classroom training at UCC.  Alcan Cable personnel assisted UCC instructional staff develop curriculum and provided some instruction.  UCC provided training in segments, 3-6 weeks depending on the position.


American Bridge – UT&E assisted with employee recruitment and job postings for American Bridge; they wanted highly skilled certified welders only. UT&E and Reedsport High School partnered with American Bridge to provide on-the-job work experience training opportunities for high school seniors.


Bayliner Boats After Bayliner Boats was recruited to the area, they needed to ramp up employment very quickly, which was accomplished with support of the local workforce team. UCC provided extensive employee training on Lean concepts, provided both through customized on-site training and through community education classes designed with input from Bayliner.


Con-Vey Keystone – UT&E and UCC assisted with incumbent worker training.


Dell Computer – In 2002, Dell opened a Roseburg, Oregon, call center with 180 new employees who had been prescreened, interviewed and hired, thanks to joint efforts by Dell and workforce partners UCC, UT&E, and the Oregon Employment Department (OED). 

UCC provided space for Dell and agency partners to conduct screenings, meetings and initial interviews.  The partners made contact with more than 1100 applicants & conducted 770-plus in-person interviews. UTE & ED provided staffing to assist Dell with the interviewing process & orientations.

For three summer months, UCC re-scheduled classes and customized their on-site training programs to ensure that two classrooms were available for the exclusive use of Dell.  The mission statement of the college during the time it served the needs of Dell was, “Whatever it takes”.


FCC Furniture – UT&E has assisted with job postings and assessments. 


North River Boat – The Douglas County Industrial Development Board funded 10 OJTs through UT&E during North River’s recent expansion.  All 10 candidates (100%) completed training and remained employed.   An additional 24 candidates were trained using UT&E workforce funding; 95% of trainees completed training and remained employed.  OJTs are ongoing as funding is available. (A total of 34 people have been trained).


Orenco UT&E has provided OJT funding and assisted with employee assessments and leadership training through Oregon’s Employment Worker Training Fund.  


Roseburg  UCC has had several intensive engagements with Roseburg (FKA Roseburg Forest Products), providing customized training solutions in a number of areas. For example, UCC designed and delivered a 5-module APICS training for RFP. UT&E performs detailed evaluations for Roseburg to assist in identifying prospects for internal promotion.


Swanson Group – UT&E has assisted Swanson with job postings and recruitment. In addition, Business Oregon recently provided funds to support workforce development and training during a recent expansion through an SRF forgive-able loan.


Umpqua Dairy –UT&E assists them with on-going job postings, leasing of UT&E’s applicant tracking system, occasional advertising, and some reports.


Examples of this community addressing regional training needs:  

WELDING – In 2014, the Partnership identified a gap in local welding training – no local schools were training students in non-ferrous (aluminum) welding, a critical skill for a local boat manufacturer.  Douglas County, City of Roseburg, and The Partnership jointly funded a $20,000 project to establish a non-ferrous welding program at Roseburg High School. 


TRUCK DRIVING – Similarly, multiple partners have come together to fund scholarships for over 60 truck driving students over the past two years.  UCC provides graduates with job placement assistance. Recruiters from local and national trucking companies visit UCC classes.