Available Industrial Sites in Douglas County and Roseburg Area

Douglas County has numerous available industrial sites with existing buildings up to 100,000 square feet and buildable footprints of 100 acres or more. To search all sites in Douglas County, please use the form below to access the Oregon Prospector Database.
To request a custom site search, according to whatever specifications you require, contact us at (800) 210-9032 or alexc@uedpartnership.orgPlease click below for key details on some of the largest, most significant sites in Douglas County.

  IP Gardiner

  • 300 acres
  • Rail-served
  • Dock facility
  • Water: 1,275 GPM existing
  • 15.6 MGD water right available 
  • 100 MW sub-station
  • 44MW available with no-upgrades
  • Enterprise Zone
  • LSN Pop 5 miles from site


Back Nine – Del Rio Road

  • 100+ acres
  • I-5 visible
  • New inter-change
  • Rail access
  • Rail Switchyard located adjacent to the site.
  • 6.8 MGD water right
  • Natural gas: 6″ with maop 500 psig
  • Enterprise zone

 Stearns Lane

 Additional information

  • 192 acres
  • Site certified*
  • Massive electrical capacity (90 MW)
  • .5 MGD water right
  • 3 miles to I-5
  • Enterprise zone
Dixonville – Buckhorn Rd

  • 140 acres, 87 buildable
  • 60 MW electric available
  • Enterprise Zone



The following sites are County-owned and are eligible for a purchase price credit of $5,000 per permanent job created under the County’s ”Land for Jobs” program.

Sutherlin Industrial Park

  • 30 acres buildable
  • Site certified*
  • I-5 visible
  • 3-5 MW available power
  • Enterprise Zone


Oak Creek Industrial Park

  • 20 buildable acres
  • I-5 visible
  • Site certified*
  • Recent sewer upgrade-200,000 GPD pump station
  • Enterprise Zone


South Umpqua Valley Industrial Park

  • 20 buildable acres available
  • I-5 visible
  • Site certified*
  • Enterprise Zone
  • 10 MW available

*The Partnership has used the State of Oregon’s Land Certification Program, to document several large industrial sites as “Site Certified”: i.e., certified to have all issues identified such that an aggressive user could move into site preparation and construction within 180 days.

Sutherlin Industrial Park

A Conceptual Layout/Path Plan and Project Development concept was recently designed (by i.e. Engineering) to illustrate the potential of this Park.  Below are the links to view these concepts.


The City of Sutherlin Economic Development website has additional information regarding the city, activities and industrial/commercial land.