2016 RAIN Conference

Thursday, December 1, 2016 at the Danny Lang Event Center (UCC Campus). 

Launch and Concept Stage Competition is Closed.


For more information visit: rainangel.org


 The 2015 RAIN Competition Launch and Concept Winners.

  • Launch Stage Competition ($220,000) was awarded to HoneyComb Corp – an Oregon-based company focused on drone-based aerial imaging solutions for precision agriculture and forestry.
  • Concept Stage Competition ($5,000 – cash and prizes = $8,000) was awarded to Inspiration Mixes – Gluten Free pizza crust.
  • A second Concept Stage prize ($2,000) was awarded to ME-2 Strapless Backpacks. 


Welcome to RAIN (Roseburg area Angel Investor Network)

What is RAIN? RAIN is an effort to foster a better environment for entrepreneurship in Douglas County. The primary vehicle is a private company (an LLC), through which local investors are coming together to invest in one early stage company. The larger effort, being organized by The Partnership for Economic Development in Douglas County and the Umpqua Business Center, includes a business plan competition, a series of training events, and our second conference was held on November 19, 2014 at the Danny Lang Center at Umpqua Community College.


  • Increase seed capital availability for regional early stage companies.
  • Build awareness and knowledge of local entrepreneurs and investors about direct equity investment.
  • Create a portfolio—over time—of high growth-potential investments (high-risk/high-reward) for investors.

RAIN is a community effort of investors and local resources.  Entrepreneurs will receive hands-on experience in developing a business plan, pitching an equity investor, and understanding deal structure.  Our local investor community will be trained on how to evaluate potential direct equity investments and how to structure such investments. 

For more information regarding RAIN please visit: rainangel.org.