Available Workforce:

The Douglas County workforce is over 40,000 strong. Unemployment is declining, however it remains around 11.0% and thousands of local residents continue to travel outside the County for work
For the most up-to-date workforce data, visit the Oregon Employment Department’s Region 6 page or read the regional economists latest monthly trend report.
If you have customized data needs, wage rates for particular occupations, active job seekers by industry, or other requests, contact us–we are here to assist you.
The most recent quarterly report on covered employment and wages is here.

The 2013-2014 occupational wage data report is also available online.

For an industry-specific reports, on employment, wages, and establishments, visit: OLMIS Business Information Center. Current Employment Statistics are also available by County and Industry.

Information on specific occupations — both statewide and Douglas County — is available through OLMIS Occupational Information Center or their Occupational Explorer.

To request detailed information for labor wates and labor availability by occupation, contact or Annette Shelton-Tiderman,  Oregon Employment Department, Workforce Analyst, 541-530-0605, .