Manufacturing continues to thrive in Douglas County, in the wood products sector and beyond. Douglas County is home to a number of advanced manufacturing operations, from Roseburg Forest Products to Caddock Electronics. A few of our most successful local manufacturers recently shared some of their experience doing business in Douglas County:


“It’s a great place to live which is why we’re all here … and our lower cost of production is a real competitive advantage.”               

– Dave Larecy, President

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FCC Commercial

“Douglas County has lower occupancy costs and a good labor pool. Building, land, and utilities are all far cheaper … We left [California] because of restrictions on the business environment and the high cost of living and doing business … The flexible attitude of Douglas County is very business friendly. If you want to do something, they’re going to help you, instead of making you jump through  hoops.”                    – Gary Crowe, President

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“Douglas County has been a good platform for growth: readily available commercial sites, supportive community, hard-working employees, and a fantastic quality of life to offer new recruits.”                – Jeff Ball, Vice President

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Oregon is a Great Place to “Make It


The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) recently named Oregon as the top state in the nation in terms of manufacturing output value per dollar cost of production.

  •  AIER found that the production cost per dollar of output in Oregon was 70.6 cents, the lowest in the nation. The national average was 83.3 cents. Washington came in at 80.9 cents.
  • The current study is consistent with an earlier study by the institute that measured production cost efficiencies. That study named Oregon, Iowa and Connecticut as the best, calling them 100% efficient and benchmarks for the other states. (AIER is an independent Massachusetts-based research group. Study published June 2011.)


Oregon is holding—and even growing manufacturing—due to the strength of the business climate and manufacturing-related workforce. Oregon has the second highest share of gross state product in the nation attributed to the manufacturing.

In 2014, the National Association of Manufacturers lists Oregon as one of the top Manufacturing States by gross product.

In 2013, CNN Money listed Oregon as the top state with a manufacturing boom in 2012.  Manufacturing was up 39% of Oregon’s GDP. Oregon’s gross domestic product grew 3.9% in 2012, making it the third fastest-growing state economy.