Living in Douglas County

Also known as the “Land of Umpqua”, Douglas County covers the entire watershed of the Umpqua River–from the high cascades to the Pacific Ocean. The best of outdoor life in the Pacific Northwest are all here: golf, fishing, parks, trails, waterfalls, hiking, camping, big game, big gaming and wine country. 

A few of the recreational highlights …


  • World-class fishing:  Four Season Fishing on the Umpqua River
    • the greatest stretch of summer steelhead water in the United States” according to Jack Hemingway and many others
    • 34 miles officially designated “Wild and Scenic River” – fly fishing only
    • Winter Steelhead, Spring Chinook, Summer Steelhead, Coho; spring Shad and summer smallmouth on the mainstream [link] [link    
    • Mountain lakescoastal lakes, and other stream fishing opportunities
    • Salmon Harbor
      • The marina has access to the Umpqua River, Oregon Dunes and the Pacific Ocean
    • Open-water ocean fishing for salmon, tuna, etc


  • Parks – County, City and State Parks

  Local Parks – Day adventures

    • Douglas County has over 2,800 acres of recreational opportunities for residents and tourists alike. With 48 dedicated parks, located in the 100 valleys of the Umpqua River, picnicking, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, trail riding, and ocean dune recreation is available.
    • The City of Roseburg has 20 developed parks consisting of 428 acres. The City of Roseburg has many small neighborhood parks, with the largest being Stewart Park with 263 acres.  Stewart Park is home of many local events and activities some including Music on the Half Shell, home of the Doc Stewarts – Roseburg’s American Legion Baseball, disc golf, golf course, tennis club and many more.

Parks, Lakes and Hiking Adventures – day or weekend trips.




“America’s Last Great Undiscovered Wine Region”


The current (May 2015) median sales price for homes is under $180,000 in most communities ( Median rent county-wide, was $708 per month (


Oregon has no sales tax. Local property taxes are lower than in most of Oregon, including rates well under $10 per thousand in unincorporated areas of the County.


The Umpqua Valley enjoys one of the mildest climates in the nation. Extremes of heat and cold are rare here. Inland temperatures, in Roseburg, for instance vary from typical highs in the upper 40’s to low 50’s in the winter to mid-80s in the summer. South Coast averages a high temperature of 65 to 70 degrees. The average winter temperature for the coastal area is between 40 to 57 degrees. Average rainfall is 33” per year. Snow is common generally at altitudes above 2,500 feet, total average annual snow fall is only six inches on the valley floor. The coldest month (December) has an average high of 49 F; the hottest (August) has an average high of 84 F.


Mercy Medical Center: Mercy Medical Center has been serving central Douglas County since 1909.   With over 1,000 employees and 300 volunteers, 174 beds, Mercy Medical Center is a state of the art facility.  See:

Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center: The Roseburg campus consists of 200 acres and 32 buildings with over 50 doctors on staff at the facility, one of these including a dentist. The facility also has 3 Community Based Outpatient Clinics and offers health services to veterans who reside in Central and Southern Oregon and Northern California. See:


The Umpqua Valley Region is served by the Roseburg School District, the Douglas Education Service District and numerous private and parochial schools. The curriculum focuses on the basic skills at the elementary level and emphasizes both college preparatory courses and career education at the secondary level. 

You can learn more about these schools at:

Roseburg School District:  

Douglas Education Services, Douglas County:  

Private/Alternative Schools:

Southwestern Oregon Community College: Serves the Oregon coastal communities, including Reedsport in Douglas County. SWOCC hosts a Small Business Development Center, offers apprenticeship programs and workforce training, in addition to a range of degree programs.

Umpqua Community College Recognized as one of the best community colleges in the country. Six miles north of Roseburg on a 100-acre campus overlooking the North Umpqua River. UCC was established in 1964 to serve the post-secondary educational needs of Douglas County, and today serves over 15,000 students each academic year. The comprehensive programs include preparatory courses in theory, laboratory, metal fabrication and various computer/telecom skills. Many training classes include a work experience component for students to achieve hands-on learning in a cooperative work site. See:  

University of Oregon: Oregon’s flagship university is not based in Douglas County, but is just an hour to the north of Roseburg, in Eugene.