About Us

The Partnership for Economic Development is a collaborative organization focused on retention, expansion and recruitment of primary industry or “traded sector” businesses that provide family-wage jobs
The Partnership does its work through supporting the expansion (and retention) of existing businesses; marketing the region as a good location to do business; recruiting businesses; and supporting strategic thinking and collaboration among the governments and other organizations committed to economic development in Douglas County.
According to The Partnership’s By-Laws (adopted in August 2011), the organization’s primary mission is:
  1. To encourage industrial and manufacturing enterprises to locate new facilities or expand existing facilities within Douglas County, Oregon, in order to strengthen and diversify the  family wage job base;
  2. To help new or existing businesses in Douglas Countyto maintain or create new jobs;
  3. To increase capacity for economic development in Douglas County; and
  4. To solicit, collect and receive money or other assets, and to administer those funds or assets for economic development in Douglas County.


The activities of The Partnership are funded by our membership. If your business or organization would like to connect with others working to improve the health of the regional activity, we would welcome your interest. We offer multiple membership levels. If you are interested in joining, please give us a call or fill out our membership application.