It’s that time again!

We’re in our 4th year now of our Roseburg Angel Investor Network (RAIN) competition and every year the applications, ideas, and entrepreneurs get better and better. 

One of my favorite parts every year is the Concept Stage pitches. 

This is for businesses and business ideas that aren’t quite ready to scale up to the big time yet… but where the idea, revenue model, or business still needs refining and could use a boost with a small amount of cash and help from mentors and resources. 

Really this is the phase that most business ideas die… and if those people with ideas in this phase can get the help, resources, and a bit of cash to get over that hump… growth and success is a LOT more likely. 

Join Us Wednesday Oct 26th @ 5pm  To See The Pitches And Vote! 

So this year we have a really great group of entrepreneurs who will be giving their “Shark Tank” style pitch here at theLoft (950 SE Oak Street downtown Roseburg) on Wednesday Oct. 26th at 5pm. 

Come and grab some awesome Loggers Pizza, local brews and some great local wine… and listen to those courageous entrepreneurs pitch their idea to 50+ people in the crowd. 

Then, vote on your favorite pitch to help send the top pitches to the RAIN main event in December where the crowd will vote on the winner of the whole shibang… and award the winner some awesome various prizes. 

It’s an inspiring event and these entrepreneurs deserve tons of support for having the guts to put themselves out there. 

See you here at the Loft next week!  Trevor

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