Lean Link April Meeting Summary


Summary of World Class Maintenance Program meeting (April 15)

 On Tax Day, attendees received a training on the benefits of implementing a World Class Maintenance Program. Thanks to Derek Lindahl for trekking down from Albany to deliver this talk (which was free, by the way!). Derek has been involved with the maintenance management of many organizations, and he’s implemented sustainably self-managing maintenance programs as well. As we know, we can apply tools to problems as much as we want, but without the culture to support them we may as well be putting the roof on a building that hasn’t yet been built! Derek talked to this point and went beyond the tool of Total Productive Maintenance to discuss the application within a well-developed culture of Operational Excellence.

 In addition to sharing his presentation slides, Derek kindly provided us some self-assessment tools to evaluate our own maintenance programs. If you would like to receive a copy of the tools or the presentation, please let Kristi or Alex know … and, as always, please let us know if there are specific topics you would like us to cover. Email these suggestions to: Kristi Smith Consultant (OMEP) ksmith@omep.org.

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