Workforce, Employment and Education Updates


Governor Kitzhaber recently announced a new Workforce Strategic Plan for the state of Oregon.

Susan Buell of UT&E (Umpqua Training & Employment) recently gave a presentation to members of the Partnership on this upcoming workforce plan, outlining elements of our workforce, and how the Oregon Consortium, Work Force Alliance will be playing a key part in the process.

The Oregon Consortium and Work Force Alliance an organization of 24 rural communities, speaking for rural communities, will be working with the State on the plan. The Consortium is reviewing the sectors in rural Oregon that are growing or likely to grow, and the three elements of workforce availability: 1) Incumbent – people who are currently employed, 2) Emerging – up and coming youth or adutls who may not have a great work history and; 3) Transitional – dislocated workers.

The Douglas County Industrial Development Board recently recommended that the County join the UCC Foundation in creating a scholarship fund for truck driver education, helping to address a key need in the transportation workforce.

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